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Who is Prabal?

Yes, my name is Prabal. And, of course, I'm a qualified Health, Exercise and Weight loss Coach who would like to use my knowledge and 35 years of personal fitness experience to make sure that you achieve your goals. So far, I have enjoyed 50 years on this planet. But do you want to be 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 years young with excellent quality of life?

14 + Years

Of Health Coaching Experience

35 + Years

Of Personal Fitness Experience

1000 +

Workout Sessions Conducted

Do you want your Health & Weight Loss Coach
to be fully qualified and experienced?

If you really want to know the inside of your Personal Exercise and Weight Loss Coach, understand what my driving force is, why I have decided to stop being a businessman and started being a Personal Exercise Coach, these are some of the reasons:

In pursuit of excellence, along with running my previous businesses, I spent years understanding the human body, its functioning and how its physiology changes through a particular set of exercises and proper diet. I learnt and discussed various types of exercises, diets, their pros and cons with coaches in the UK, Africa, Fiji Islands, India and New Zealand - wherever I lived. Every coach had his own opinion, a different exercise and diet-plan.

Even though I had 14 years of experience in training, coaching and advising diet plans to my friends, clients and relatives, I got qualified as Exercise Professional from the best institute in the world. I was trained by the world-class Exercise scientists, Food and Nutrition experts. The reason is simple. I wanted to learn science-based exercise programme which would give you the best results in the shortest, safest and enjoyable way.

No More Long, Boring, Complicated, Unsafe WORKOUTS, and SILLY DIETS.


What if losing weight was easy?

If I were to conclude my 14 years of research here by saying, "Eat what you enjoy eating for life, do exercises which you can continue doing forever and lose weight, get healthy and fit". Would that be something exciting for you to learn?

Here, you can see the difference!

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So why would you want to talk to Prabal?

Why would you want somebody to help you that doesn't understand what it's like to be overweight and out of shape? Here's what I used to look like. Here is what I look like now, and I'm over 50. Let me help you do the same.

What if Prabal could help YOU have a 'Before and After' look like this?

Have you wondered if your Health & Weight Loss coach could understand YOU, your lifestyle and personal situations in life like a Life-coach? What if he worked with you consistently to help you become tough not only physically but also mentally like a Mental Toughness Coach? Someone who has gone through what you may be experiencing right now and connects with you at a deeper level?

Someone who had maintained a constant weight for more than 25 years and gained only when his clients challenged him to gain and lose weight. Here, you can see the difference.


Do you want your Health and Weight Loss Coach to be more than a Personal Trainer?

How often have you experienced a dodgy Personal Trainer? Well, I'm not just a Personal Trainer. I'm a Personal Exercise and Weight Loss Coach.

So, what makes me different? That's a really great question! Would you like to know the five things that make us uniquely different from anybody else that talks about weight loss or getting fit?

If you call me to meet, please ask me those five things that make us uniquely different from anybody else who is talking about weight loss.


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