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  • Do you want to lose Weight or be Leaner?
  • Do you have a special event to be in shape for?
  • Do you want to fit into your Clothes?
  • Do you have a medical challenge or injury you need help to recover/ rehabilitate from?
  • Do you want to get fit or fitter?
  • Do you want to get strong or stronger?
  • Do you want to be flexible or more flexible?
  • Do you want to be fitter, stronger, more flexible, leaner for your sport or athletic event, or a new sport?
  • Do you want suggestions and inspiration with your eating, shopping and food choices?

Great Question? Yes, there was a time when only celebrities, models, bodybuilders, rich people or athletes had a personal trainer. But what about YOU? What about your family and the people you love? Do you need, want or deserve a Personal Exercise Coach to help you achieve your best physical and mental health? Do you want a qualified, knowledgeable, skilled Exercise Professional to ensure you get the best results in the safest, fastest way?

Imagine you knew that being healthy, fit and strong could help prevent/and help cure; coronary heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia, depression, obesity, anxiety, stress, and help improve your self-esteem and libido. Would it be special, even critical, to have a knowledgeable Exercise Professional to help?

Suppose you are very serious about losing Weight, being energetic and having a body you love to look at in the mirror and fit into your clothes. Could an Exercise professional be a special gift to give yourself?


That's really a great question to ask. Perhaps consider the difference between a trainer and Coach for elite athletes? The trainer delivers an exercise session, but the Coach is responsible for the safety, the outcome, the success, the results and the WIN for his athlete - both physically and mentally. Imagine what it would be like to have your own Personal Exercise Coach to help, support and be totally focused on YOUR results? Do you and your family deserve more than just a person who hands out exercises and counts while you do them? As in any sport, the Coach has the ultimate responsibility to have you ready to play YOUR best game. Are YOU ready to LIVE your Best Life!

So Yes, I would be honoured to be your Personal Exercise Coach!!
Perhaps the best question is, “What do YOU Need”?
  • Do you need help with fitting exercise into your lifestyle?
  • Do you need help to stay motivated to exercise?
  • Do you want to learn about the ‘safe’ exercises and avoid unsafe and ‘Waste of time’ exercises?
  • Do you need help with “keep eating the foods you love and still be healthy, lose Weight and keep it off”?
  • Would you like to lose Weight for the last time in your life? What if you picked a weight, size, energy level - and we could help you STAY there for the rest of your life - no diets or crazy, fanatical, looong exercise programs?
  • Do you want a Professional Coach who is committed and dedicated to YOU and to get you fast and the best results?

As your Personal Exercise Coach, my role and goal are to make sure you do the safest, fastest and most effective exercises to give you the best results!! AND would you like to KNOW the “WHY” and “HOW” of everything we do so that YOU can work out for yourself ‘what works and what does not’?

Have you ever been confused, annoyed or frustrated because of all the confusing and conflicting information available out “there” about weight loss, health, food and exercise? As your Personal Exercise Coach, my goal is never to tell you what to do or how to do it. I respect you and your life experience. And I am excited to share the WHAT, WHY and HOW of the human body so that you may know, learn and be inspired by the human body for yourself!! Are you excited to be the “Guru” of your own body and never have to “Hope” that social media, a book, or some other guru knows what is best for you?


A great question and something to consider – for how long does an elite athlete or the top-level team need their top-level coach? And believing that your lifetime of having a healthy, fit and robust body is far more critical than a sport, and knowing you will have ongoing and different results to achieve as your life changes, how would it feel to know you always have a Personal Exercise Coach in your team and committed to your ongoing results?


The question we would like to ask you – “how much value would a healthy, fit, strong, lean body add to your life”? And then, have you considered which part of your budget will go towards being healthy, fit, strong and lean for your lifetime? And your other sporting, health, career, business, self-esteem, and relationship goals - how much easier will they become to achieve if you are healthy, fit and strong? And then have you set aside $$ in your budget to achieve your healthy, fit, strong and lean body?

And how awkward are conversations about money and how personal is a financial situation? We do something very unique because we never want money to be ‘a reason’ that you do not achieve your goals.

So regardless of your budget, tiny or HUGE, we will customise and tailor your personal health, lose Weight and lean body results into YOUR budget - How does this sound? Does this feel more comfortable than the contracts and payment commitments you may have expected? Results and a healthy, fit and strong body that fits into YOUR budget. How about we chat in-person so that you may share your goals and how YOU would like to invest in them?


Has lack of time, or the wrong time, ever been a reason for you not to get closer to achieving your goals? So once again, how will YOU customise and tailor your exercise sessions to suit your lifestyle, and how can we help? What are THE best days and times for YOU, so you never miss a session - knowing each session will get you one step closer to your goal? Once YOU decide the BEST days and times for you, we will book YOUR spot, and it will be YOURS!! Knowing there may be times when life “Happens”, your spot can always be shared with someone in your life so that it remains YOUR special spot. How does that sound - exercise to suit your times, days and lifestyle?


How often do we have people in our lives that care about us, our children and our pets as well? We love children; we love animals. Knowing you are a unique individual, our goal is to customise and tailor YOUR exercise session to suit YOU, your family and your lifestyle. Yes, please, invite your children, partner, pets, and friends to exercise with you. We can chat about which days, timings, spaces, toys, and pet treat you the best; your exercise sessions will be customised to suit you – and ALL the people in your life!!


Could it be all up to you; your commitment, your passion, how serious you are, what your lifestyle and timeframes allow? Moreover, lifestyle, genetics, discipline levels, likes and dislikes, “Life has unexpected happenings”; Could that be different for all of us?

Great news, as your Personal Exercise Coach, my goal is to make sure you get the fastest results, in the shortest timeframe, in the safest way - all fitting in with YOU and your lifestyle. Does that sound better than someone telling you what to do? Time – Could it be the one thing we and the whole world has in common- we all have the same amount of time in each day/month/year.


A great question and once again, could that be personal for you? How much time do you want to invest in your healthy body? How much time do you have? Great news again, I will design your safe, fast and effective exercise sessions to suit the time you have, on the number of days you commit to. We can create an effective exercise session for you in as little as 8 -10 mins!!

AND yes, You can book your sessions to include all things you love to do, OR what do you need the help with?

    So the most important questions…
  • What results do YOU want/need?
  • What do YOU want/need from your Personal Exercise Coach?
  • How often do you need help, and how long do you have to invest in each session? (and it can change to suit YOUR lifestyle)
  • What $$ investment have you decided for your healthy, fit and strong body – for your RESULTS?

Knowing that we are all different and feel comfortable in different places, where do YOU want to exercise? Where will you feel MOST comfortable?

  • Yes, I can come to you; - your home - your backyard, your deck, your garage and/or your office, a park or a beach near you.
    Would you like to exercise at YOUR home or work?
  • yes, you can come to me, I have a Personal Exercise Studio – I call it ‘The RESULTS Room’ - A safe, clean, non-intimidating space with no mirrors and no scary equipment. And a reminder you can exercise with your family, your friends, and your pets.
    Would you like to exercise in the RESULTS Room?
  • Yes, you can exercise in cyberspace - online with me; Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Facetime and even on the phone. Wherever you are, that has internet or phone connection. So yes, if you want to stay on track to achieving your results; on holidays, on a business trip- anywhere that suits YOU best. Exercising online has become a unique way for people to exercise safely without having to go anywhere.
    Would you like to exercise online?
  • Yes, you can exercise in a group: boot camps, circuits and fun indoor and outdoor exercise sessions. Bring your own group, or exercise with other people committed to their healthy, fit and strong bodies! Let me know the best timings for YOU.
Would you like to exercise in a group? If yes, your group or mine?

Yes, you can exercise in a gym: your gym, your favourite gyms, a gym closet to your home or work.

  • If you are a gym member, we will contact them to organise your sessions with me - your Personal Exercise Coach, at your gym.
  • If you are not a member at a gym, but you have a specific gym in mind, we will contact them to organise your sessions with me - your Personal Exercise Coach, at your gym.
  • If you are not keen to go to the gym, but you like the idea of finding out if you could feel comfortable, I will organise a tour of the gyms you have in mind or those closest to you.
  • Would you like to exercise at a gym, your gym, or do you want me to find you a gym?

Great questions, but what do YOU like to do? That is the only important question.

What results do you want - short and long term?

Once I know exactly what you want, and the timeframes you want, now it is my responsibility, as your Personal Exercise Coach to customise, create and develop a plan to suit you and your lifestyle. The plan has to give you the best results, safely and as fast as you need them. YOUR plan will only include exercises that will provide you with the safest and best results. That is my ongoing commitment to you – how does that sound?


Another personal question - so more importantly, what do YOU want to do? As you may know, your resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and even your Weight and waist measurements are often health care measures for a Medical professional.

  • If you know all of this, as your Personal Exercise Coach, do you want to share them with me? If no, could I ask you to keep in touch with your Doctor if any of these numbers are a challenge and keep me informed? Of course, my goal as your Personal Exercise Coach is to make sure you have a healthy, fit and a strong body with all of these measurements on the healthy range.
  • If you don’t know these measurements? Would you like to find out and do you have a regular GP you visit, or do you want me to organise a check-up with a Doctor I like to refer people to, whom I trust, and who is in my medical referral group?
  • As your Personal Exercise Coach, there are some things I can help you with; I can check your resting heart-rate and your blood pressure, and I will, of course, have some questions about your history of any disease, illness or injury. Yes, I will customise your RESULTS program to suit YOUR body; your health, posture, genetics, joints, bones, and muscles so as promised, your RESULTS will happen fast AND safely!!
  • AND if you have other professionals on your team, do you want me to contact them so we can all work together to help you achieve your results faster and safely? Do you have a Doctor, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Naturopath, Osteopath - any other Medical Professionals you would like me to work with?


What do you LOVE to wear? What are YOU most comfortable in? Clothes that are too tight, uncomfortable or that keep you too warm! Shoes that have no support or are uncomfortable - can give you blisters for sore bits- these may be some things to think about! YOUR style and YOUR comfort, and what you feel the best wearing – could they be the best choice?


What if you CAN get fit, strong, lean and healthy- regardless of how young or old you are?

What would your life be like if you…
  • Were energetic all day - every day?
  • Could perform at your best at everything you do; partner, parent, career path, sport and hobbies?
  • Loved what you see in the mirror and feel in the shower - and other people love it too?
  • Get the results you want from what you eat and how you move?
  • Sleep deep?
  • Have a strong immune system so you never or rarely get sick, and if you do, you recover faster, and the disease, virus, sickness is much less likely to come back?

So the question is, when will you be “Too Old” to appreciate all of those benefits?

Do you want to be a healthy, fit and strong human who has a STACK of energy and looks good- at EVERY age? If yes, is it possible you are never too young or too old to have a Personal Exercise Coach?


Another great question about YOU - what do you want, AND what don’t YOU want? What if you COULD be energetic, get healthy, be fit, strong and lean, feel tight to touch, and achieve your goals - all day, every day, without getting sweaty, sore, or hurt? Should that be what you and I - we - can all demand, from our exercise program; SAFE exercises to give the BEST results that suit YOU and your lifestyle? As your Personal Exercise Coach, that is my commitment to you!!


Food and eating- WHAT to EAT? When to EAT? HOW much to EAT?

  • Could these be very personal to…
  • YOUR likes?
  • YOUR dislikes?
  • YOUR lifestyle?
  • YOUR culture?
  • YOUR ethical or religious beliefs?
As your Personal Exercise Coach, my goal is to know and understand…
  • What you love to eat and why?
  • What you don’t eat, don’t like to eat and why?
  • Why you eat the way you do?
  • WHERE do you like to eat- favourite places, cafés restaurants, places in your home etc.? Is food a special, social, or yummy experience for you and if yes, do you want it always to be?
  • WHEN do you like to eat - the best times of the day that suit your lifestyle?
  • As you are the person who is ALWAYS there when you eat- what advice do you give to yourself about food and eating?
  • What must stay the same or what are you happy to change, when it comes to your food and eating?
  • What help, support, suggestions do you want from me - if any?
  • Do you have a Dietician, Nutrition Expert, Naturopath or any other person helping you with your food that you may want to share/introduce to me?

As your Personal Exercise Coach, a special reminder…

WHAT do you WANT or Need from me?

My goal is to customise and develop a personal plan for you to be the healthy, fit and strong young human you want and deserve to be – for your lifetime.

As an Exercise Professional, committed to the world of healthy, fit and strong humans, I would be honoured to be considered your Personal Exercise Coach!!