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About Prabal Arora

“What if it were Easy to Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Fit and Strong?”

I'm a Qualified Health, Exercise and Weight loss Coach who would like to use my knowledge and 35 years of personal fitness experience to make sure that you achieve your goals. So far, I have enjoyed 50 years on this planet in excellent health and fitness. Do you also want to be 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 years young with excellent quality of life?

Years of Health Coaching Experience
Years of Personal Fitness Experience
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“You can carve your own body; the chisel is in your hand.”


I Have 14+ Years Of Experience

Personal Coaching

We are a couple, helping couples lose weight & become fit. You, as a couple, are most welcome to train together.


Prabal, Annie and Siddhie – a team of three Health Coaches of Weight Loss Studios - are ready to look after you.

Health Retreats

Domestic and International Packages are coming soon as COVID -19 situation improves !!!

Virtual Coaching

How about training in the comfort of your home? Our virtual training ensures benefits for those who don’t live in Auckland.

I can be your Health, Exercise & Weight Loss Coach

If I were to conclude my 14 years of research here, I would be saying, "Eat what you enjoy eating for life, do exercises which you can continue doing forever and lose weight, become healthy and stay fit". Wouldn’t this be something exciting for you to learn?

Meet The Family

Prabal Arora
A Fully Qualified And Experienced Health, Exercise & Weight Loss Coach
Annie Arora
Do you want to be a healthy, fit, and strong lean Mum who fits into all of your favourite clothes – BUT…
Siddhie Arora
Meet the YOUNGEST Exercise Professional - Siddhie Arora

A fun Weight Loss Programme built around you


It’s all up to you how you enjoy losing weight. You have various options:

Knowing that we are all different and feel comfortable in different places, where do YOU want to exercise and lose weight? Where will you feel MOST comfortable?

Yes, I can come to you; - your home - your backyard, your deck, your garage and/or your office, a park or a beach near you.

Yes, you can come to me; I have a Personal Exercise Studio – I call it ‘The RESULTS Room’ - A safe, clean, non-intimidating space with no mirrors and no scary equipment. And a reminder - you can exercise with your family, your friends, and your pets.

Yes, you can exercise in cyberspace - online with me; Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Facetime and even on the phone. Wherever you are, that has internet or phone connection. So yes, if you want to stay on track to achieving your results; on holidays, on a business trip- anywhere that suits YOU the best. Exercising online has become a unique way for people to exercise safely without going anywhere.

Yes, you can exercise in a group: boot camps, circuits and fun indoor and outdoor exercise sessions. Bring your own group, or exercise with other people committed to their healthy, fit and strong bodies! Let me know the best timings for YOU.

Yes, you can exercise in a gym: your gym, your favourite gyms, a gym close to your home or work.

  • If you are a gym member, we will contact them to organise your sessions with me - your Personal Exercise Coach, at your gym.
  • If you are not a member at a gym, but you have a specific gym in mind, we will contact them to organise your sessions with me - your Personal Exercise Coach, at your gym.
  • If you are not keen to go to the gym, but you like the idea of finding out if you could feel comfortable, I will organise a tour of the gyms you have in mind or those closest to you.

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