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Prabal Arora

Yes, my name is Prabal. And, of course, I'm a qualified Health, Exercise and Weight loss Coach who would like to use the knowledge and 35 years of personal fitness experience to make sure that you achieve your goals. So far, I have enjoyed 50 years on this planet. But do you want to be 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 years young with excellent quality of life?

Annie Narayan Arora

Your Health and Exercise Coach
Do you want to be a healthy, fit, and strong lean Mum who fits into all of your favourite clothes – BUT…
  • Do you feel insecure about “Active Wear” / gym clothes?
  • Are you nervous about going to a gym?
  • And if you have had a gym membership, did those fancy machines scare you just a bit, or were you uncomfortable having people watching you at the gym?

Me too!

Happy Hello from ACTION ANNIE…

I am on track to being your Personal Health and Exercise Coach, and I am excited to help you achieve your goals. I know what it is like to be unfit and out of shape. Now I am healthy, fit and strong and sliding into my jeans - I would love to help you do that too!

Can you imagine what it was like for me, a Fijian-Indian woman who came to live in New Zealand - a new country - a wife and mum of 2 daughters who needed to get her body back into shape – and I did! Now I am an Exercise Professional committed to helping you, and Mums like us, to lose weight and love what we see in our mirror AND how we feel in our clothes!

Also, do you want to live a loooooong healthy life, have a life of energy, high-performance and quality? I know it is possible and I want it for me and my family. If you do too, let’s do it together!

When I was studying in Okinawa, Japan, I met many older adults who were super fit and energetic? HOW? People who are old but still look and act young - are still doing “young” people’s stuff? Of course- because they are soooper fit!! So much so that the young “Old” folks of Okinawa are studied by the longevity experts in our world – because they live so long, with the top quality of life!

Having seen those young, old folks, I have made a life commitment to my quality of life!! I am staying fit and strong for my husband and kids! If you want to do that too, I am here to be your Personal Exercise Coach!

Siddhie Arora

Meet the YOUNGEST Exercise Professional
I LOOOOVE being fit and strong, and if you want your family to be healthy, fit and strong too, I would love to be your Personal Exercise Coach!!

Happy Hello from Soooper Siddhie…

Hi, I am Siddhie. I am twelve and am the youngest person at the MAX International Fitness Business College to study to be a top-level Exercise Professional and a qualified Health and Weight Loss coach! I love how being fit and strong makes me feel! If you want to do your favourite sport, have a stack of energy and healthy brain for your studies, I would love to be your Personal Exercise Coach!

I love dancing, singing, playing the piano, cooking and artwork. I participated in a teddy bear walk to collect money for kids in Syria. I box with my Dad and sprint in the park. I won my school cross-country last year. I love outdoor sports like skating, netball, volleyball and swimming - all fun activities - and I am a Taekwondo Martial Artist. So, whatever you want to do with energy, I can help, and I want to!

I am so privileged because my parents are healthy, fit and strong, and they started my sister and me on our activity plans as young as five years old. I get up early to exercise and train with my Dad, an Internationally recognised Exercise Professional!

I see too many overweight teenagers, and they already have “Old” people’s diseases. I am learning how to be an inspiring and motivating Exercise Professional to help eliminate obesity, disease and make sure all kids grow up healthy, in a healthy world!

I am learning anatomy and physiology with speed, and insight young people have when they are passionate about something they love to do.

I am committed to helping teenagers to be healthy, energetic and high-performers for their whole life!!