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Our Happy Clients

Prabal Sir Is Very Kind and a generous person. He is a power house and his energy and the way he speaks Omg!

Amazing! I have seen his videos and took personal consultation on how to stay fit and healthy and the knowledge which he has is just wow! He is the best health and fitness coach! ❤

Durvesh Yadav

Teen Influencer
Delhi, India

I am quite inspired by the Health Coach Prabal. His online training sessions helped me get fit and improved my efficiency in my work.

He coaches in a different way where the objective is to stay healthy, fit and strong for life, not just for the short term. It’s been a year, and I am at that same weight where I was last year after taking exercise sessions and consulting him.

Rajeev Ranjan Shrivastava

Chartered Accountant
Delhi, India

I had great sessions with Prabal. Amazing exercise experience indoor/outdoor I had with him. His way of coaching is simple, easy to understand and result oriented. I would call him a Results Coach.

I learnt a lot - especially how to sprint, how to control your diet and manage my emotions. I am fit and feel energetic now. Prabal, You are Awesome. Wish you good luck.

Prabh Monga

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Auckland, New Zealand

I have been witnessing the tremendous energy with which Prabal is pursuing his mission. He is a coach who gives his advice by putting it into practice by himself.

It is so inspiring to see his videos and the elaborate ways he explains his each move. His work is commendable, and every one of us who want to improve upon our health conditions and enjoy our lives must connect with this Weight loss coach and Exercise Specialist that Prabal is.

Rajesh Pandey

Founder IT Solutions
Delhi, India

I had a brilliant session with Prabal. I feel awesome. I am definitely ready to go and keep up with the kids in the school with more energy. You have excellent knowledge of exercises. You are the Best in Auckland, rather I would say the Best in New Zealand.

You made me do chin-ups which I never imagined doing. I learnt how to exercise correctly from you. I am getting fit and healthier day by day. I can do hiking, kayaking effectively due to more strength I have now. Thank you Prabal for your guidance.


Auckland, New Zealand

Malo Prabal, trust you are well uso & familay/aiga. This is my endorsement of your wonderful services: "I am very impressed with Mr. Prabal Arora's approach to Health and Fitness in his wonderful, positive, energetic and knowledgeable, and sagacious advice given during my training with him.

I truly find his unique training style and methods adaptable and simple, and suitable for the young and old, male and female and I highly recommend his Expert training programmes for anybody who looking to work hard to get into shape, and lose weight by putting in the hard work, through sheer grit, determination and commitment through Prabal's competent and refreshing outlook on life, healthy living and fitness" "Prabal Arora's Weight Loss Studios Programmes - Simply the VERY BEST - UNDER GOD's SUN!" Intend to continue training at his fabulous Well Loss Studios in the beautiful Flatbush neighbourhood. His dynamic and out of the box techniques include training indoors in his gym, at your home or personal gym, and outdoors, using local parks and the local playgrounds, utilising exercise stations, and fitness equipment provided by the Auckland Council free of charge.

Hemi Faaeafaleupolu

Managing Director- Superboot Global
Auckland, New Zealand

Prabal is a powerhouse - full of energy and enthusiasm. His energy is infectious. A warm and lovely person who is always willing to help.

I have consulted him briefly as a health coach and find his advice very practical and implementable. He stands with you in your journey with commitment and I think that makes all the difference. I'm impressed with the positive change that he has brought to his own health & energy level. Am sure that he will be able to help thousands of people to achieve their health goal too, in a fun way.....

Krunal Negandhi

Sustainable Entrepreneur
Mumbai, India

What an extraordinary experience I had with the Health & Fitness Coach Prabal from New Zealand! I have met so many coaches, but his way of dealing with clients is just outstanding. All the exercises prescribed by him are based on the human body's fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology.

I was fortunate enough to be trained by him during COVID 19 period. Due to Lockdown and suffering from the Coronavirus, my morale was quite down. That’s where Prabal worked on my mindset as a ‘Mental Toughness or Motivational Coach’ to help me recover soon. The exercise sessions through zoom calls - post-treatment - benefitted me to regain my strength and fitness. I shed off all the extra weight, which I had put on. I would highly recommend Health and Mental toughness Coach Prabal to anyone looking for motivation and getting fit. Thank you so much, Coach

Prashant Dahiya

Gurgaon, India

Prabal literally makes you get up and out of your comfort zone. What I love about him is his approach to exercise. He just makes everything fun and easy. Kudos! I came, I saw and I was mesmerised.

When life happens to all of us, we tend to put ourselves at the back seat in favour of the new targets, new aspirations, and whatnot. We forget that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. What are the pleasures of the world if we are not in the pink of health? Let this be a constant reminder that all is not lost. We can start today and connect with Prabal. I cannot recommend him enough. I am a changed man and I hope he lights up the passion of life in you just as he did to me. More power to you mate.

Gurjit Singh Barry

Marketing and Sales Officer at Toi Toi Wines
Marlborough, New Zealand

Prabal is a great Personal Exercise and Weight Loss Coach. I have never seen someone who is that much enthusiastic about weight training and health. He takes a keen interest in the well being of all his clients. I had the privilege of interacting and learning from him. Highly recommended.


Sagar Kapoor

Delhi, India

Thank you so much Coach Prabal. You motivated me. You taught me how to exercise. I came and tried, and since then I have been exercising regularly in your studio.

It helped me quit smoking. It was not only your exercise sessions but also your constant counselling and motivation made me quit smoking. I was so committed that I made up my mind and chucked it away. After exercising I feel much better, stress free. I go to work refreshed and with more energy. My days look better and I will keep exercising with you - my super coach - more often. I want to take more exercise sessions every week as it will help me to get more fit and healthy. A lot of people think that smoke takes away your stress but it causes more stress. To take away your stress, just exercise.

Peter Tran

Auckland, New Zealand

For the past 3 years, I have struggled with my workout routines, diet, sleep and not to mention increasing my bulging waistline. Since hiring Prabal as my Health Coach four weeks ago, I have started seeing major changes in my life, body, fitness, and energy throughout the day. Prabal spends time understanding your goals, challenges, lifestyle and then creates a plan of attack.

I am grateful for his dedication, and investment of his time and energy to help me to reach my goals. Note, the goals will change to the next level. If you want a healthy, fit, and energetic mind and body, get in touch with Prabal as soon as you can! He is energetic, professional, knowledgeable, and practices what he preaches. Thanks to Prabal, it's only a matter of time before he will struggle to keep up with my fitness!

Raj Brij

Business Sales & Advisory
Auckland, New Zealand

Prabal is not only an Amazing Personal Exercise Coach but also a Mental Toughness coach who helps you become mentally tough too. I finished first month of my workout today. Felt more Energetic and Stronger. Prabal gives his 100% to you and motivates as you go along. He makes your workout fun every time.

I had lower back pain which I recovered from by doing squats. Prabal taught me how to do this exercise as he gradually increased the weight, I became stronger too. Considering my age, initially, I thought that I should not do weight lifting, but Prabal motivated me to start lifting weight. I am losing weight, and building muscles mass. He does full body stretching and massage which makes me feel relaxed after the workout. He gives relaxing massage, which doesn’t cause sore muscles and stiffness after weight lifting and I don’t feel fatigued. It’s a combination of strength training and cardio which Prabal did for me and that’s how I got desired results. As a results coach he provides quality training which helps all his clients tremendously. Nowadays, I feel better and sleep better. I feel lot healthier, stronger and energetic. Highly recommended and I will achieve more results in my second month.

Akhil Chaudhary

Auckland, New Zealand

Amazing. Prabal is a thorough professional Health, Fitness and Weight Loss coach.

Doing any physical exercise needs your determination, and failing which a person is termed lousy. But, here comes the role of a professional who would motivate you to come out of that boredom and excite you to work out. His sessions are never boring or tiring. One most important thing about him is that Prabal is always full of energy, and with this, he transmits his energy, to motivate you further. I recommend Prabal's guidance to everyone. Cheers !

Sanjiv Dagar

Senior Advocate & Insolvency Professional
Gurgaon, India

Prabal practices what he preaches, and that’s what we see in his videos too.

He is not just a personal trainer but an Internationally Qualified Exercise and Weight Loss Coach who studies your lifestyle, habits and liking and accordingly prepares an exercise and diet plan. I had the privilege of getting trained by him through Zoom calls under lock-down. It was a blessing in disguise. I would highly recommend Prabal to anyone who is facing any health challenge or looking to get fit or and lose weight.

Saloni Kaul

Business HR Consultant & Coach
Faridabad, India

I have known Prabal for 10 years and he is passionate about exercise and health. Prabal has mastered fitness and weight loss and is also making very informative videos on the subject. Best wishes.


Dr Amit Nagpal

Personal Branding Coach
Faridabad, India

It’s hard to find ethical Health coaches who are patient and competent enough to help us alleviate arthritis pain.

I have known Prabal from New Zealand since last year through a common networking group. I shared my mother’s knee pain with him, and he suggested a few exercises for her to perform keeping her joints safe. To our surprise, within 4 weeks, she got so much relief from the pain that she started loving those exercises even at this age of 74 years. Prabal showed how to perform bodyweight squats with a limited range of motion to avoid any pain in the knee or back through online video calls. He taught her the correct way of exercising. Prabal provides a comprehensive solution to all your health problems. He doesn’t simply try to sell in the first instance; instead, he understands his clients' physical or mental challenges and provides a tailor-made solution suiting the clients’ requirements and lifestyle.

Girija Kabi Satpathy

Trusted Payroll Consultant
Delhi, India

Thank you for turning my “can not's” into “cans.” You’ve pushed me further than I thought I could go, and shown me that I can reach my physical goals if my mind wants it bad enough. Training with you has benefited my perspective in other areas of my life, and I feel more empowered than ever before. Thank you for transforming me!


Bharath N

Group Marketing and Communications Manager
Auckland, New Zealand

It's always been a great pleasure to write a testimonial for a person like Prabal. He is highly professional, skilled and dedicated in his work.

As I practice in India as a Physiotherapist and Chiropractic Clinic, Prabal gives us great help in managing the weight-loss programme and post-treatment fitness training so that our patients come into not only a pain-free life but also become Fully fit and Functional. As Prabal is currently in New Zealand, he takes all his sessions online and makes them very interesting and objective Based protocols. Our patients have been highly benefitted and continue to follow his fitness training and weight-loss programmes.

Dr Hitesh Khurana

Doctor-Incharge physiotherapist
Delhi, India

I've known prabal for the past 25 years - all the way from India. He is one person I know that everything about good health matters to him a lot, from body exercises to food and drink - he makes sure everything is healthy. His current weight loss programme on social media has really been worth it for my family and me. We've learnt so much, and we practice each step, which has really made an impact in our lives. Go prabal, go prabal, go prabal, go prabal !!!!!!!!.


Ugochi Vicky Ofoegbu

Abuja, Nigeria

A passionate Health, Fitness, Mind and Body enthusiast and Expert in his niche, Prabal is an extraordinary Health & Weight Loss Coach.

He is helping people achieve their Fitness goals globally with his vast expertise, knowledge and experience sharing. I have followed and watched very closely the way he has helped many individuals achieve their Health, Fitness, Weight and Bodybuilding goals with a simple system. A man with true and honest values on a mission to help people.

Amit Singh

Global Entrepreuner
West Bengal, India

Prabal is someone who walks the talk. He is someone who taught me the importance of good health before creating wealth - there is no joy of wealth without good health.

I have known him since 2012. I have also seen his pics from his graduation days. It is difficult to judge his age in any of them - he looks the same. His obsession with health has been for years, and now he is sharing his secrets with others. His YouTube videos are my go-to place for gymming because it does not make me dependent on devices or gym. And best of all, he is always available to listen. There has never been a call when he has not added value to my life. He is a man with a holistic mission to enjoy health and wealth for decades. Now, I follow his suggestions and Youtube channel to stay fit. Continue being unstoppable, Prabal. Thank you Prabal.

Kumar Tanmay

Building Inkredo
Gurgaon, India

I have known Prabal for a long time and have always been amazed with his energy and his joy for life ! His energy and enthusiasm are super infectious!

I have been following his posts and the way he simplifies everything. You can be fit and healthy, and thus happy, without using expensive gym equipment. Amazing guidance ! I have also not seen a younger / fitter looking 50+ guy like Prabal, which is a clear testimony that he’s doing the right stuff ! Outstanding !

Rahul Gambhir

Founder ProEdge Consulting
Mumbai, India

Prabal is not one of the best; he is the best in the world. I am 63 year Young and rocking just because of him. I have met lots of Health and Fitness Coaches. But Prabal’s expertise and knowledge in understanding the human body and helping his clients lose weight and get fit in a very natural and simple way is matchless. Without the shadow of a doubt, he stands out in what he does. Go for it. Highly recommended.


Suresh Mansharamani

Business Coach/Founder Tajurba
Delhi, India

One of the Finest and Incredible Fitness Coach who can make you train anywhere with anything. Prabal is totally Different, and his New Creation of Training is at the Best Level. Anyone wants to be super fit and stop Ageing, then Prabal Arora is the Person. Highly Recommended.


Praneel Das

Director at Westwood Boxing Promotions Fiji /New Zealand
Suva, Fiji Islands

Hello Sir, I watch your weight loss videos regularly. And I am just loving how you make losing weight so much fun! You are very creative, and your new ways of exercising are very natural, simple and easy, which anyone of any age can do. I have implemented what you taught in your videos – in the park, at home or even at my workplace. I feel more energetic, fit and strong 😊 Thank you for the lovely content.


Kamal Maurya

Brand Strategist
Gurgaon, India

Thanks for your guidance and support. It has helped me with my daily exercise and building my strength.

Your consistent follow up and tips of healthy eating worked amazing well for me. Exercise sessions through zoom calls were just terrific. Couldn’t believe that I could workout with you online and that too in the comfort of my home. I would love to recommend you to all my friends and relatives here in Australia. I look forward to catching up with you whenever I travel to Auckland. Thank you so much, once again.

Sanjeshny Lata

Corporate Accountant
Sydney, Australia

Thanks Prabal for transforming my life; you are a true enthusiastic fitness trainer who got my energy levels back, got me rid of my tummy.

Ageing reversed, confidence doubled, what else I could have asked you. Thanks for all your guidance that too, without going to the gym and doing those old traditional workouts. It was proper fun workouts. Wishing you the best and keep transforming the lives of people.

Maj Pradeep Dhariwal

Sales Director
Delhi, India

Meeting Prabal over social media is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Though I am an avid physical fitness freak for the last 12 years, but I can't ignore Prabal's tips and advice. He is very practical and crisp over his communication in fitness. No matter what, I love his motivation for fitness, health, diet and nutrition. My advice to the viewers and followers, please subscribe to his YouTube channel for regular updates. Meet him once, and believe me, you will be addicted.

Abhijit Das

Region Head
Mumbai, India

Known to Prabal for the last 11 years, worked together in real estate.

When I started working on reducing weight, I found Prabal again. Happy to say his guidance through zoom calls help me a lot. Not only he helps in doing exercises in the right way, but he motivates too. I am glad to reduce my weight with his help. Thanks, Prabal.

Vinay Prajapati

Co-Founder & CEO
Gurgaon, India

I have known Prabal since 2012 and always seen him literally obsessed with his physical fitness regimen and passion for martial arts.

He has in-depth knowledge and experience in fitness, diet, food and nutrition. He has been advising and guiding people on exercise and nutrition for a long time, but now his qualifications from an Australian Institute as an ‘Exercise Professional’ adds immense value to all his clients’ achievement of fitness or weight loss goals. As a Health and Fitness Coach he has loads of energy & enthusiasm and has a highly impactful personality. It’s all depicted in videos on his YouTube channel, where he demonstrates how simple and easy it is to stay healthy and fit. His weight loss programmes and exercise sessions are fun and informative. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is seeking help in weight loss or even looking to increase strength or fitness.

Bimal Raj

Leadership Coach and Trainer
Hyderabad, India

Always enthusiastic, full of life, committed to his work - Prabal is truly a blessing. Sharing my personal experience - I am overweight and suffering from joint pains.

On video calls, Prabal regularly keeps watching and guiding me on the proper way of exercises and helping me come out of my problems. I have regained health and am highly satisfied with the results I got, including relief from my knee pain. Thank you once again Prabal for being so nice.

Neeta Nihalani

Financial Advisor
Gujrat, India

I am getting immense benefits from tips from Prabal in increasing my stamina, and I reduced weight. I strongly recommend Prabal as a Fitness coach for all the people who want to stay fit and live 100+ years.

This is particularly helpful when you are confined to your home during a pandemic situation. His simple tips of using our own home staircase to increase your heart's strength were awesome, which I never imagined beforehand. Thanks to Prabal for such simple tips. I wish all the best for you and salute you for taking the initiative of making mankind healthy in a simple way.!!!

Prof Vitthal Dixit

Finance Fitness Expert
Pune, India

Once you cross a certain age, some of us become lazy or lack interest or enthusiasm to go to the Gym or do mundane exercise which could be related to your fitness, weight loss, diet control and so on. Once you give a break for anything you do, the gap becomes bigger and it takes quite a lot of energy and motivation to restart and to be back on the track. Exercising is the most common thing or for that matter anything you wish to control through discipline

Recently I came across my good friend Prabal Arora, who is poles apart since we are from different zones, I being in Bangalore and he being in New Zealand. He is a multifaceted personality an expert in the domain of Health, Fitness, diet control, weight loss etc. I consulted him as I lost my energy and enthusiasm due to fatigue and lack of motivation in anything I do. Believe me, friends Prabal gave some simple tips and taught me some fun-loving exercise which keeps me lively and energetic throughout the day. As our Mentor, Suresh Mansharmaniji always says that “ If you are in sales, people don’t buy your products, instead they buy your energy “. Being energetic throughout the day is very important to become successful. I would highly recommend Prabal Arora for everybody who has fitness or health-related issue as he would handhold you throughout to get the desired result and he takes a keen interest in every client of his. Whenever I am down, I always think of Prabal and that’s boost’s my energy. I wish all the best Prabal and wish may your tribe grow.

Jitendra Shetty

Hygiene Specialist
Bangalore Urban, India

I met Mr. Prabal Arora and several other professionals and entrepreneurs through a Zoom meeting where we were part of a common networking group called ‘Tajurba’.

We discussed several things related to health and fitness. I was so happy knowing that such wonderful work he is doing by training and educating physiotherapists’ patients. He helps chiropractors and physiotherapists’ patients strengthen their muscles through his tailor-made exercise programmes as per the clients’ requirements. Some of his clients enlighten me of Mr. Prabal Arora’s passion and training patients to recover. I wish Prabal can open more centers spreading his knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness domain - including in my hospital.

Dr Pravin Patel

Stem Cell Therapist
Vadodara, India

The process of choosing a trainer was smooth and easy as Prabal is brother of my best friend. My first online session with Prabal was great! He took the time to ask about my fitness background and get to know my daily routine as well as gave me a first online training session.

Prabal is a fantastic trainer with great sense of humour, so the session was filled with laugh and positive attitude. Prabal showed me how to perform each exercise correctly and motivated me. He also educated me on the importance of nutrition and shared his encouraging fitness related videos. I’m very excited about my fitness journey toward a healthy future. Prabal has extensive knowledge about fitness, diet and exercises. I'd highly recommend him as a fitness coach.

Sandeep Diwan

Sales Manager at Calders Design & Print, Whangarei
Northland, New Zealand

If you tried to lose weight and could not get the desired results, Prabal’s ‘Weight Loss programmes in a Healthy way’ is the solution for you.

He diverts your focus on getting healthier, fitter and stronger instead of worrying about weight loss - Weight loss automatically happens. Interestingly, all that is done in a fun way in all of his programmes. Prabal works consistently, quite closely with his clients and makes sure that they achieve their desired health and fitness goals. My cousin consulted him and cleared all the myths she had about weight loss, diet plans and exercises. She learnt from him body weight exercises and how to perform them correctly without hurting joints. With his motivation and guidance she is gaining good results. Now these exercises, diet plan are part of her daily routine. I 'm happy to see her energy levels. This not only made her life easy but also helped her to regain self confidence and self esteem. As not to reveal her identity (due to matrimony reasons) I am sharing it on her behalf. I strongly recommend him – not that I am a friend – because of his expertise in what he does. All the best – Prabal

Dr.Rinki Srivastav

| Spiritual Coach | Holistic Healer | Mindset Coach | Speaker | Author
Delhi, India

I highly recommend Prabal Sir as a Fitness Coach. He guided me through online exercise sessions and diet plans which worked for me and got fit. I look forward to joining his health retreat in India. I wish him all the best.


Pragneshh Thakore

| Natural Diamond Solitaire/Jewellery buying Consultant | Old Jewellery buyer at good price| Tajurba Regional Director Thane
Mumbai, India

A Great COACH, who understands the client's needs & designs a great workout and diet plan according to the clients' requirements ..... 5 STARS from my side. I enjoyed the exercise sessions with Prabal.


Gaurav Mehta

Branch Manager at DuluxGroup
Auckland, New Zealand

Prabal is an amazing person. He is definately a Health coach. but more than that he is Motivator to me. Always pushing you to do something. Full of Enthusiasm and energy.

Always ready to help you more than you can expect. His videos is awesome to connect people instantly with him.

Vikrant Kapoor

Founder -CMD of Angels Paradise school Chain, Founder -CMD of Grace Health care. Musician and Author.
Amritsar, India

Prabal Arora is focused and result oriented professional. He knows how to make his clients feel good and remain focused to maintain the consistency.

Prabal has good reputation and considerable experience in health industry. I would like to thank and recommend him for his guidance and coaching during COVID-19 Being a Business Process Management coach and consultant my working hours are pretty long. Thanks Prabal for keeping me fit and fine...Stay healthy and stay ahead in your career. Love Smita

Smita Narain Kanth

Breakthrough Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, 300+ Gap Analysis, go-to-market strategy, POSH enabler
Delhi, India

If you're struggling with weight issue, Prabal will provide Sure-Shot Rescue. If you've not lost weight as yet, Results producing coach you haven't met. Think no further, take prompt action, Prabal Will Help You With Guaranteed Weight Reduction...


Uma Mansharamani

#1 Business & Life Coach India | Help Grow Revenue n Profit & blissful Life | TEDx Speaker & Certified Trainer.
Delhi, India

I lost 14 kg in just 3 months 😊. Anybody who is looking to lose weight the healthy way, contact Prabal. He has the ability to help you grow further in your health and fitness or weight loss journey.

You will be surprised to see that your fitness and wellness have improved beyond your expectations. This is what exactly happened to me. I took exercise sessions through Zoom calls from Prabal as he lives in New Zealand. He drafted a diet plan, exercise programme and advised me on a nutritious diet which helped me become more energetic. I used to consult with him through WhatsApp calls regularly to get all the useful tips. All this helped me lose 14 kg weight in 3 months. Prabal’s mantra is getting fit by getting huffy puffy, becoming strong by lifting weight, and adding nutrition to your diet plan.

O P Singh Siwal

An apex think tank to thrive #Farmers_India-increasing their income regularly having goad on inputs/food price @AIC-India
Delhi, India

Thank you Prabal for your consistent monitoring of my health and exercise goals since we started working together. I have lost weight and more importantly have grown stronger.

Your expertise has helped prevent any further injury to a shoulder problem that I have. Your methods are solid and I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their health and strength to have a chat with Prabal from Weight Loss Studios.

Tibor Mackor

Founder & General Manager at Better Business Strategies Ltd - Business Coaching
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Prabal Bhai, I wish to acknowledge the fact that since the last 2 months of following your instructions in exercising and training, I have found a tremendous change in my health.

I am delighted to inform you that I have lost weight as desired, and my breathing has improved as well.

I must admit that I like your style of instructions in which you do not push me to the extent in that I get too tired within 30 to 45 minutes of exercise 3 days each week, which suits me very much. I am looking forward to continuing the trend for many more months to achieve my goal and get back to golfing again.

As you are aware, I also enjoy singing and am hopeful that my breathing will continue to help me in that respect. I would like to add that being an enthusiast, your wife Annie is an excellent source of encouragement as well.

You are much appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards

Nek Mohammed

Principal: South Auckland Insurance Limited
Suva, Fiji Islands

I had an excellent training session with Prabal. He pushed me beyond what I thought I was even capable of doing. So, I really had a great workout. Thank you.

Prabal and his family are amazing people. If you and your family are looking for someone to help you achieve your health and fitness goals; whether it's to be getting stronger, getting healthier, weight loss or you just want to all-round improve your quality of life, I highly recommend Prabal and his family.

Chandee Thorburn

Personal Exercise Coach
Perth, Australia

Hi guys, JP here. I am 27 years old and a taekwondo athlete. I just had an amazing strength training session with Prabal from Health Fitness Hackers, here in Flatbush. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the training session of Prabal.

He did a wonderful job. He provides excellent customer service. The most beautiful thing was that he made the session a great FUN - added a nice personal touch.

He has really great massage skills as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He pushed me to the maximum. I did a lot more repetitions than I was hoping for in my strength training. So right now, I feel like I accomplished some good goals by doing the strength training.

Overall, it was a great session, and I highly recommend them.

John Mac Pherson

Personal Trainer
Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Prabal, Akhand from India. I hope you are doing good in New Zealand.

Hi guys, this is Akhand Pratap Singh from Mumbai. I am here to thank Mr. Prabal Arora today for the mentoring he has given me in my fitness journey.

He has helped me with exercises that have helped me get stronger, fitter, and lose some weight. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic now and I have achieved this goal of reducing 5 kgs in only 2 months.

Also, in the lockdown, I could not hit any gym but Prabal came as a saviour where he gave me some bodyweight exercises which could be done from my home only. He provided excellent online coaching through Zoom calls, where he showed me how to exercise the right way. I also had a challenge with my back problem, which restricted me to perform specific exercises but Prabal gave me alternative exercises to get the same results and also to keep my joints safe at the same time.

So, I will highly recommend Prabal to anyone who is having any physical challenge that stops him or her to exercise; you need to meet Prabal. He is an expert in what he does and with his 35 years of experience of personal fitness, he can guide you in food, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and you know, also to become mentally tough.

Thanks, Prabal, You have been great, and I wish you all the best for your future success as well.

Akhand P Singh

Managing Partner - Unicus Group of Companies
Mumbai, India

Thanks Prabal for the connection. Great to have known you both professionally and personally over the last few years.

Highly recommend you for your new venture in Health & Fitness - Great to see your long term passion in this area has converted into a professional outcome.

What a better way to promote something you truly believe in. Thanks for your guidance in this area and I couldn't recommend you enough for the expertise and open mind that you bring into an individual's health & fitness structure taking into consideration that everyone is unique and different from one another - you work so swiftly with these challenges.

What a better way to promote something you truly believe in - be it weight loss programme, diet plan, nutrition advice or lifestyle. Your tailor-made fitness and nutrition programmes developed as per the client's requirements are superb and work very well to benefit us.

Prakash Mani

Accountant at Umbrella Accountants & Business Advisors
Auckland, New Zealand

Winners don't do different things, but they do things differently. Prabal is truly inspirational and a very kind human being. He is very generous and always extends help to have a healthy lifestyle for a quality life.

I am one of his lucky mentees and feel proud that his expert health and fitness guidance makes me young again. Great going man!

I highly recommend him if you want to transform your life in a fun manner.

Kumar Saurabh

Digital Breakthrough Coach | Author | Trainer
Noida, India

Prabal Arora is a thorough gentleman and very committed to the core. He is a great coach with the timeline achievement. His technique of OKR is very unique as the goal has to be achieved within 90 days. I highly recommend him to the people who are looking for a time-bound result.


Pawan K Sachdev

Ipsita Insurance Services Pvt Ltd
Delhi, India

Dear Prabal,

Good Afternoon and Greetings from Suchinto Sinha!!

Hope everything is Fit n Fine at your Place.

Prabal, I want to Thank you very much for your excellent Consultation regarding my Health N Fitness. I am highly satisfied with you. I would like to Recommend Prabal for Everybody on this Earth.

He is in New Zealand. He always picked up the call and with his smiling voice and advised what to do or not. His Awesome Diet Chart has also helped me to reduce my weight 10Kg approx. in a Month along with light Exercise.

He has extensive knowledge of Human Body, Bones and Muscles. Once again, I strongly Recommend him for everyone, especially the age Group of 40 to 60 years and above. Prabal, I WISH You ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE. Thank you.

Suchinto Sinha

Indepedent Leisure, Travel & Tourism Professional
New Delhi, India


I have known Prabal since last one year. Apart from being a thorough gentleman and a good friend, his fitness program yields good results. I personally benefited from his online training and would like to reccomend him to everyone who desires to be fit and healthy.


Deepka Menda

Proprietor at NM Global Real Estate/Nishant Enterprise
Mumbai, India

I met Prabal ji last year through Mr Suresh Mansharamani. In the first glance, he judged that I was facing some physical challenge. He asked me, and I had to reveal that I was suffering from chronic back pain.

He advised and guided the type of exercises I should do through online meetings and the kind of food habits I should form and change. He conducted Eight online coaching sessions - each would last up to an hour. First, he would exercise and show me how to do bodyweight exercises correctly. Then I would do, and he would guide me.

I am really grateful and thankful because he guided me, and I didn't even realise that he is in New Zealand, and I am in India. It looked like we were exercising in front of each other. He makes exercise session so easy to perform practically. I got relief from my back pain and other health problems such as high blood pressure and anxiety.

Prabal ji has developed a full health programme for me to execute. I am implementing it now. Our goal is to get rid of all health challenges and make a fit, perfect body in the next three months.

I would like to thank Prabal ji. He is a very nice gentleman and very good by heart. I recommend him to those who are facing health issues and want to get fit. They must consult with him. I guarantee that he will definitely do his best to help you overcome those health challenges.


Sanjiv Arora

Creating parallel INCOME with Personal Branding
Delhi, India

Hurray !!! I lost Nine and a half kilos in about 6 weeks.

As a lazy man, I always avoided doing exercises. But when I started to gain weight and felt less efficient in my work, I contacted Prabal, an old friend.

He helped me step out of my comfort zone and got me into the habit of exercising and following a diet plan, which I can continue for life. As I live in India, he offered me a few online exercise and nutrition consultation sessions. I have lost nine and a half kilos so far in about 6 weeks. As I continue to exercise and watch my diet, I am sure I am on my way to get fitter.

Prabal is exceptionally good at encouraging his clients to build strength and flexibility to expand their physical capabilities and tackle any health problems. His relentless focus on my health and fitness, my eating habits motivated me to follow his instructions. I found that his advice is always practical, applicable and sustainable.

I am truly grateful to Prabal and strongly recommend him to anyone who is a lazy bum and needs the motivation to start exercising and lose weight. Thank you Prabal, my friend, you will go a long way towards helping people lose weight and get fitter like me!

Tilak Raj

Gurgaon, India

Stay fit, stay healthy, and age is never a bar for you - this thing no one can teach you better than Prabal Arora. His enthusiasm to change the lives of people, and if you are the one who is struggling with a lot of pounds, then he is the right connect for you.


Dr. Amit Verma

Leading Ayurveda Doctor | Arthritis Expert | Health & Wellness Coach | Public Speaker | Author
Delhi, India

Prabal's passion and drive are very inspiring. At the age of 50, it's amazing to come across someone who is super fit and has tremendous energy & stamina to do heavy-weight lifting and boxing at a speed which completely astonishes me.

His passion is very contagious which is easily felt during the sessions that he gives. He goes way beyond the extra mile to ensure the success and improvement of his client's fitness levels and overall well being.

I took few online training sessions from Prabal and they made a huge difference in my endurance levels. I used to get tired very quickly but with the simple exercise regimen given by Prabal, within a few weeks I started feeling a lot more energetic. My stamina increased and I feel much younger :)

I would highly recommend consulting Prabal to anyone who wants to up their health and fitness.

Age is no bar and Prabal himself is a great living example of it.

Thank you Prabal for your help and guidance all along.

Rohit Bahl

Growth Founder @Talocity-Touchless Hiring
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Hi everyone, I am a corporate lawyer cum CA in New Delhi. I had taken Prabal's coaching and guidance during the period of COVID-19. He advised me with very novel and unique weight loss techniques that were not at all difficult to follow and could be adjusted and adapted into my daily routine, as you can understand we have a very busy kind of a schedule.

He advised me on certain nutrition tips too, which became part of my diet without compromising on my diet or taste or any other thing.

Prabal is a fantastic guy. He has considerable experience in the health industry and also in aerobic style exercises. He keeps himself so fit. He keeps pushing people beyond their potential. I wish him all the best. May he rise high in life!

Prabal, the work, the project you are doing, it's fantastic. My best wishes!! Thank you

Sumit Kansal

Kansal Law Chambers | Advocate & Solicitor | Chartered Accountant | SRCC
Delhi, India

I have been in the IT industry for around 20 years. Naturally, people who are in IT industry for such a long time, they develop joint pain. Same was the condition for me. I was going to the gym regularly over a year back but I developed a couple of joint's pains. So I stopped going. My profession involved long hours of sitting. So I had picked up sciatica pain.

I know Prabal for around a year. He guided me through certain postures helpful for me and started with small weights, which helped me a lot. He coached me on lifting weights, strengthening muscles, and also in the Weight loss journey. To my surprise, all that was possible through his Online Coaching as he is in New Zealand. We went on Zoom calls and Whatsapp video calls to discuss and he performed all the exercises himself to train me.

Prabal has excellent knowledge about diet, muscles, the anatomy of the body. It really helps to get coached by him because he understands your body type. He unnecessarily doesn't pressure you by providing unnecessary weights or exercises. By understanding your body capability, he guides you. He takes you through the weight loss as well as the strengthening journey. His mantra is to be stronger and stay younger.

He is very passionate about health and understands human anatomy and is an excellent health expert.

Babitha Gopalakrishnaih

Techpruner, Co-Founder bisVani (B2B eCommerce platform)
Bangalore Urban, India