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Weight Loss Studios' Services


If you are unfit and lazy, want to lose weight, boost your self-confidence, increase your libido, and need Health and Weight Loss Coaches who are matured and experienced - YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

  • Would it be great to have High Self Esteem and Excellent Relationships?
  • Would it be awesome to have a Toned and Fit Body with great Hair, Skin Nails?
  • Would it be amazing to have a body that fights Germs, Bugs, Viruses and Diseases?
  • Would it be great to be to have the Energy of a Young Person, even if you are old?

Don't you think all this would make a HUGE difference in both your personal and professional life? And what about your kids who could be more confident and disciplined, have a body that could fight diseases and be productive in studies or at work?

We have got various activities for YOU to look after your health and fitness:

Personal Exercise Coaching

Bring your friends and families to train together and have FUN while getting fit. Or join others in our home studio and make new friends.


Personal Exercise Coaching – One-on-One


Personal Exercise Coaching – Couples


Small Group Training

Boot Camps


Do you Wonder you could Lose Weight while enjoying outdoor FUN activities?

Prabal, Annie and Siddhie – a team of three Health Coaches of Weight Loss Studios - are ready to look after you. If you are a couple, then 50 years young Prabal and 46 years young Annie can train, coach and guide you in every aspect of health and fitness. 12-year young Siddhie is the youngest coach who can train your kids. Siddhie is pursuing her 'Health and Fitness' course and looking after kids along with us in boot camps.

So the beauty is that your whole family can join us in our boot camps where everyone gets healthier, fitter and stronger. How exciting it is when all of us are exercising together? Please do ASK for a special family deal.


'Weekend Boot Camps'

Here you will meet like-minded people and make new friends but most importantly, you get fit, lose weight and fit into your clothes – all while having FUN. Isn't that exciting? AND mind you, nobody judges the other person. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, race, shape or size. Your level of fitness or strength doesn't matter—only your desire to get fit matters.

On top of that, we will customise Bootcamp for you; where you do, what you love to do & don’t what you don’t love to do. If you have never been to a Bootcamp, feel comfortable, we will discuss and explain how much fun it is to be involved in outdoor activities in a Bootcamp! You can do it for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. The choice is yours!

Health Retreats

  • Wouldn't you want to take a few days out of your busy routine, relax under the tranquillity of nature along with your near and dear ones in a resort or camp in a jungle?
  • What if you learnt new outdoor physical fitness exercises, fun games and gained knowledge of food and nutrition and the science behind workouts – experience something new while having FUN?
  • Wherever you want, whenever you want, do let us know. Let's form a group and decide where to go!
  • Domestic and International Packages are coming soon as COVID -19 situation improves 😊 !!!
Health Retreats

Online Training and Consultation

How about training in the comfort of your home?
Why not benefit those too who don't live in Auckland?

callDo contact us for webinars, online training sessions and consultation on food, nutrition and exercise.