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Alarming Things You Must Know Before Exercising (Not Knowing The Side Effects will Damage Your Body)

Alarming Things You Must Know Before Exercising (Not Knowing The Side Effects will Damage Your Body)

You must be wondering how one can be lean, fit and strong forever? I kept this title of the ebook because I want to put the word of caution before people start hurting their bodies in the long term by doing some specific exercises.

I have written quite a few blogs and shared lots of information on how to exercise most safely and effectively in a short period. In addition to my 35 years of personal experience, I have learnt all that from my great Mentor 'Mr Kman McEvoy' and shared with the rest of the world. He is the best health and exercise coach on this planet earth I have ever met. He is 21 times World-Champion in Martial arts, has a Master's degree in exercise science, is a published researcher and a former trainer for the Australian Institute of Sport. 

He has trained national sporting teams at the very top level - those professional athletes who get paid to play sport. He has also trained Olympic gold medalists and has been a national presenter for the Harvard Good Health Management Program. He is an International research presenter, a current gold medalist and world champion in taekwondo. He has been a national level competitive bodybuilder too.

Would you prefer Expert information from an Exercise Scientist?

So all this while the fads in the fashion of fitness versus long-term results have been coming to you from someone who has spent over three decades of his career in researching, experimenting and experiencing lots of facts based on science “ anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Arguably one of the only practical scientists on the planet who is committed to safe, effective. So, that's where this information comes from, somebody who is absolutely committed to ensuring that we exercise for the rest of our lives safely and effectively with the very best results possible without being injured or hurt.

"You can only offer what you know; you can't offer what you don't know."


Do you wonder which Health and Fitness Guru to follow?

Isn't the fitness industry flooded with exercise programs, blogs, web-sites of health and fitness, diet plans such as Keto diet, vegan diet and losing weight than it has ever been? Don't you see new books coming up in the market or online shopping portals such as Amazon, Trademe, Indiamart etc.? Aren't people talking more about health, fitness and weight loss programmes than it has ever been in the history of all times? 'How do I lose weight', 'How do I exercise' and 'Where do I exercise' – aren’t people looking for the answers to these questions?

Aren't there so many experts in every area ready to convince you of the latest fitness toys? Won't they suggest that it will be the secret to strength and fitness and the results you want? So, who do you ask? Who do you believe? Who do you listen to? What if you heard NOBODY?

"The grass is greener on the other side “ if and only if I were a good gardener."


Has Science changed?

Firstly, anatomy is a science that has not changed. Have we grown any different muscles or bones or additional connections? Haven't they remained the same, at least in the last thirty years? Secondly, it's observed that common sense is not very common. Sadly, isn't it that most folks don't think for themselves.

You will find those so-called experts or Gurus selling packages of core exercises at home, HIIT exercises at home, ab workout, core workout at home, kids exercises, figure 8 fitness, anaerobic exercise, gym workout plan, kettlebell exercises, tricep exercises, butt exercises, arm workout, lower ab workout at home or home workout.

What if you knew what you are doing?

May I make a request here? What if you could learn to think by yourself, ask lots of questions and never follow blindly?

And if someone is trying to sell you their latest toy such as an ab vibration machine or a vibration plate machine to help you lose weight or belly fat etc., isn't it vital for a consumer of fitness or fitness professional to develop and maintain some knowledge and understanding of applied functional anatomy and physiology? If you don't, you will be susceptible, like most, to being laid down the garden path based on other people's unfounded training, opinions, ideas, methods and motives. Isn't it that if somebody is seeking to sell you something, there is a purpose or a reason behind it?

Why not understand why this exercise is the safest, most effective exercise possible? Why would it keep you active, healthy and robust for the rest of your life? You may ask, "How do I lose weight"? How will it help you lose weight? And why would you know that? Because you ask questions and the person giving you the answers must have or should have studied anatomy and physiology and understands how the human body works when we exercise.

Don't we always have lots to learn and understand about how the human body works? But what I am emphasising here is that we never repeat the verbatim what some experts said or start doing what somebody told you to do because it is the common fashionable thing to say in fitness.

"Don't you think you should know what you don't know?"


What if you understood how your body works rather than relying on other's opinion?

If you want to remain healthy, lose weight, keep exercising and be active for the rest of your life, do you think you should rely on someone else's opinion? Isn’t it worth investing time to learn the fundamentals of what your body is made of and how it works? One of the most remarkable analogies, my world-class coaches, share with me is Formula One racing car drivers.

The very best drivers in the sport's history were the ones who understood their car better than the best mechanics because they had to race it around a track at a ridiculous speed. They needed to know how the car works. Suppose you would like to get into your body and run it around your life for a lifetime at peak performance. In that case, wouldn't it be advisable to understand how your body works, not just listen to a mechanic tell you what to do, because perhaps that mechanic doesn't understand your high-performance machine?

"Base your decisions on science and advanced research. Still, be open to finding out more."


Don't we have options to exercise safely and long-term?

You have two options here. First, an exercise programme which requires a limited amount of time and everything you do will fit into your lifestyle (first option) versus would you like to do a complicated, boring exercise program that breaks your body up into little pieces which is time ineffective, hurts your joints, and it doesn't really work (option two).  

What if you knew many are following a wrong exercise programme?

And of course, it's a silly question to ask which option you would choose? Won't you choose the first one? However, if everybody else was doing the second one and somebody suggested that you do this exercise program because everybody else is doing it, then what would you do? It's not effective, doesn't work, it doesn't burn fat off your body, and it doesn't make you stronger. It will hurt your joints, and it will waste your time. But because it's popular, you should do it. Is that right?

You would think that person is either uneducated or has no idea what they're talking about. Unfortunately, there are lots of exercise programs that do exactly that. They waste your time; they hurt your joints. They don't work. They don't burn fat off the unique place in your body that the person has told you that it will. It could be your Personal Trainer or a gym mate who has been into physical fitness for many years.

Why is Option one more Effective, Time saving, and Safe?

And yet isn't it that so many people are still exercising that way. Isn't the human body meant to work as one single machine? Isn't it that when you exercise, the first powerful thing that it does is get your central nervous system functioning, which controls every part of your body? The next thing exercise does; it opens up your fat cells to release fat from your body. This process happens from a powerful hormone called catecholamines when you exercise. Don't worry about the word, but when you exercise, your catecholamines, open up all the cells in your body to release fat, to burn fat off every part of your body. So, the more parts of your body that you're working at once, the more hormone release you have, the more fat will come out of your fat cells. Doesn't the body work that way?

Can I lose weight and fit in my clothes by doing ab workout?

People ask me, "How do I lose weight and remove fat from the waist? How do I exercise?" Can you burn fat by doing core exercises, ab workout, crunches, lower ab workout and upper ab workout? Does fat burn from one area of the body “ is it physiologically possible? Don't you lose weight from the whole body, not from one area? Similarly, don't you burn fat from the entire body, not in one particular area?

Will you be shocked to learn the Side-effects of Exercises done in Isolation?

Isn't it that any exercise that breaks your body up into little pieces such as bicep curls, leg curls, shoulder press or triceps kickbacks or abdominal crunches or any little tiny exercise has far less effect on those catecholamines? Aren't these exercises performed in isolation, putting shearing forces across your joints, which might not hurt you today or tomorrow, but long-term will undoubtedly hurt you? And if you are in pain because you have sore joints, will you be able to exercise when you're 50, 60, 70 years of age?

So, if somebody's giving you an exercise program that breaks your body up into little pieces, will it be burning fat off that area? Also, will it be effective at burning fat off your whole body; instead, won't it be hurting your joints? Any exercise that puts a shearing force - an uncomfortable force - across your joint rather than through your joint, will cause joint-pain.

Do you see some gym instructors saying this “ "if you have sore knees, don't do this exercise, e.g. leg extension?" How about if you did this exercise, you will get sore knees. Doesn't the human body function as a linked chain and never as an isolated muscle or joint area? So every exercise that you do has some effect on every other part of your body. Can you break it up into little points or areas or isolated sections?

If you are curious and would like to know more about how should you exercise to be safe for life and not hurt your body, please click on the following link of my Blog: "Discover How to Exercise Safely for Life Which Most Personal Trainers Don't Dare Tell YOU."

What if you found out the facts rather than having herd mentality?

So before you decide on the effectiveness of any new or old exercise, that exercise Guru suggests you, ask the following questions:

Is this exercise safe?

Is the exercise functional?

What is the benefit of this exercise?

Is this the best exercise, or could there be a better exercise? And for the sake of second best, why on earth would you do that to your body when you have the option of having the best exercise?

Is this something you can stick to for a lifetime without overuse, injury, pain or degeneration?"

Aren't these the five most important questions to ask a fitness professional or your Personal Trainer? But more importantly, wouldn't it be great to ask yourself from a common-sense perspective and do the research and study yourself? An active lifestyle, fitness and health are all about staying that way for a lifetime.

"You are the Creator of your body. You Chisel it, Carve it or Tone it “ It's all up to you."


What would help in keeping you Lean, Fit and Strong for life?

Wouldn't you like to have a lean, fit, strong, healthy, robust body that remains at the same weight, in the same size and the same energy level for the rest of your life and you feel terrific every day?

Most effective exercises are compound or functional exercises. These are the ones that work is as many muscles as possible in one exercise - running, squats and lunges, rowing exercises, chin-ups, push-ups and steps where you've got a big, massive conglomeration of muscles working together, which requires more energy.

Suppose you pick leg exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts and even leg presses. In that case, you're not putting rotational forces or shearing forces across your joints, and you are working on various muscles of the whole body. If performed correctly with good technique, aren't these very effective and safe exercises? Don't compound exercises give you significant results and it doesn't take too much time too? When you work on many muscles at the same time, they get tired quickly. So, won't your exercise program be much shorter, and hence, less chance of injury? Won't you be able to continue doing it for the rest of your life?

Those of you who have done push-ups know that you use your chest and your shoulders and triceps. You use your face muscles and muscles of every other part of your body to get yourself up and down off the ground, including your abdominal muscles. So, isn't it a great idea to do push-ups rather than doing triceps, shoulder, abs and chest separately?

That's how you remain lean, fit, strong and healthy for life. Of course, your high-performance fuel is also a great contributor, which means the nutritious food that you add in your eating plan.

"Good preparation leads to good performance."


Now would you listen to what everybody else is doing just because everybody else is doing it? Won't you learn now and understand functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Is there any bill, ball, vibration, cream or secret you exercise that will replace safe, functional and effective exercise choices straight from where they came in? Please make sure you know why.

Remember if fifty million people are doing a silly thing, does it mean that it's not a foolish thing? Would you ensure that you are working, exercising, looking after your body as one piece, getting it fit, healthy and strong, and keeping it that way for the rest of your life? Why would you go on a diet or do a silly exercise program to damage your body sooner or later?

How exciting would it be to keep exercising for the rest of your life by following an exercise program that works on your entire body, cuts fat from all over and keeps you lean, healthy, fit and strong? Isn't that the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body? Isn't it all science-based?

"A coach can instigate your thinking; action is yours to make a change."