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Testicles - Why are they so special

How God made us Different?

The differences between men and women are interesting. Women have one distinct disadvantage to men; they don't have testicles. Testicles produce testosterone. Testosterone gives men the ability to grow bigger muscles, which means they have a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism means that they are a fat-burning machine - a quicker calorie-burning machine. It means that they're usually stronger. As men focus more on strength training, they tend not to lose muscles and bone density when they get older, which means they're less likely to get osteoporosis, overweight or obese.

"Your real strength is judged by your character.

Prabal Arora

Do you wonder it's not muscles but mainly fat?

As women, you need to make sure that you do strength training. Now, the real challenge with women is that they think that they would get bigger muscles if they did strength training. The beautiful thing is that muscle is a solid substance. It's a fast calorie burning substance, and it's tiny. Even when you look at the elite bodybuilder women - not the ones who are injecting testosterone - I'm talking about the natural women - their small muscle is actually covered by the flabby stuff that sits on the outside of their muscles. And this flab stuff is big, not the muscle.

If you have got big arms, it's usually not your tricep and bicep muscles that are causing your arm to be significant in size. It's usually the fat that's hanging on the outside. And that's the stuff that starts dripping down the back of your arm. As you get stronger, your gluteus maximus, medius venomous - the biggest muscles in your body, in your butt get tighter. You start losing excess fat meaning you lose weight. Suppose you have got a flabby bottom, it's not because of the muscle; it's because of the excess of fat.

"The duration and cause of pain while losing weight are temporary, the pain of being over-weight and disease lasts forever.

 Prabal Arora

Why is Weight training so Important and Beneficial?

If you want to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, you have to maintain your muscle tissue. The only way to do that is to do strength training. So weight training doesn't have to be complicated. It simply means that you overload your muscles. Every time you lift something more than you can, your body has to overcompensate and get stronger to make sure that you can lift it. So, that's a simple process.

Lose Weight with Weights

Suppose you are overweight and you do strength training, you'll lose weight quickly because you'll speed up your metabolism. You are building muscle tissues that you might have lost as you have been dieting or have been inactive or got older. After about 20 years of age, we start losing about half a pound muscle mass if we don't lift heavy. As a human race, we are also becoming more inactive, which means our muscle tissues waste away.

Physical fitness and endurance

Another great benefit of strength training is that it helps with your huffy-puffy physical fitness which means doing anaerobic exercises. If your muscles and bones are stronger, you can jump higher, run faster and lift heavier. All the things in your life improve when you are stronger, including your mental health - and this is mostly for women.

Mental Health and mental toughness

Unfortunately, when you look at the statistics whether it's by a report or it is true - it seems like more women struggle with mental health, feeling good about themselves, self-esteem, getting into depression or feeling anxious. The beautiful thing is that when you have got a strong mind and body, those things are less likely to happen. And when you are doing strength training, it's a great test of your mental toughness.

"The resistance you face while lifting weight and the resistance you face in the real world makes you mentally strong.

-Prabal Arora

Bone and muscle strength

If you are doing a set of push-ups and want to stop, but do a couple of them more that improves your bone strength and muscles and increases your mental strength. It gives you a more robust head and a vital ability to deal with challenges. Isn't that something which would make our lives better? aren't we going to be healthier, fitter and stronger? If we did strength training, we would have fewer chances of having mental health challenges.

Do you wonder you can control Sugar “ Diabetes Type-II?

When you exercise hard, there are two things you need to do to lose weight and get fit - Puff really hard by doing anaerobic exercises and do heavy weight training. This process's energy source is carbohydrate - glycogen for your muscles and glucose for your brain. People are always talking about carbohydrate, glycogen, sugar and insulin challenges because the endocrine system gets affected when we overeat sugar or too many carbohydrates.

However, all that is sorted when you exercise hard or do HIIT exercises (High-Intensity Interval Training) because your muscles burn a lot of sugar, glycogen. That's what your muscles do. They burn energy quite quickly, which is why you want to maintain your engine's size, which is muscle. So that's another thing that strength training deals with the whole hassle of sugar and carbohydrate control. It's not that you can go and eat an entire stack more, but it certainly means that your body deals with the intake of carbohydrate and sugar so much more easily.

And there's a place for it to be used up and to be used up quickly. So that's pretty exciting. We get the long-term benefit of being fitter and healthier. However, it's the immediate effect of exercise that we seem to forget. We have fewer chances of killer diseases, mental illness, catching a cold, and dementia. But the immediate effect is how you feel after you lift something really heavy.

She wanted to KILL her Husband!!!

One of my most incredible health coaches shared the story of a woman. She said that she would never forget the day when one of her clients came and told her that she hated her husband because he just left her for a younger woman. Now, the only goal she had was to kill her husband. When my mentor asked her how could she possibly do that, she figured out that she needed to get stronger.

So, they set a goal that she would do ten chin-ups. The next really memorable day was when she walked up to the bar, put her hands on the chin-up bar, and very systematically lifted her bodyweight ten times above the bar. In between that first day and the second day, she had become significantly more robust, both mentally and physically.

She got herself a new boyfriend, quit a job that she didn't like and changed her wardrobe. She was a completely different person from a self-confidence and self-esteem point of view because she got stronger every time she went up to the chin-up bar. It was like; "I'm going to win this thing, I'm going to beat this bar". She became both physically and mentally stronger.

"A burning desire to change, insatiable hunger for knowledge, and continuous development of skills will transform your body and life.

-Prabal Arora

Immediate and Long-term benefits of exercises or Weight training

The moment you have done the chin-ups and have lifted your body weight 10, 15 times, you feel fantastic. It's not just the long-term effect; it's the immediate effect of weight lifting, and that makes you feel great about yourself. Now, the chemical response in your brain is just mind-blowing. When you lift heavy things or sprint, you pump enormous amounts of happy drugs, which are called endorphins, through your brain. So you feel terrific, which is another exciting thing about exercise.

Do you wonder you need only a few minutes a day to lose weight?

Many people talk about that they exercise three or four times a week. If you have an injection of a drug that makes you incredibly high and makes you feel terrific immediately, would you inject that daily? Not only that but also it gives you long-term side effects. You'll have strong muscles and zhealthy bones. You’ll have fewer chances of disease and mental illness.

"It's the Quality, not the Quantity that matters.

Prabal Arora

So how do I exercise?

You'll live longer with a better quality of life. Why wouldn't you be involved in physical fitness and exercise every day as often as possible? Now the beautiful thing is that you need to do it for a short period. If you want to benefit more from heavyweight training and anaerobic exercises, then go harder and faster. It's not spending an hour in the gym or outside. It takes only a few minutes a day workout, which could be High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or working out for a few seconds each time repeating it several times in a day. It helps you in weight loss faster than ever. So, the immediate effect will be even better than if you weren't doing strength training.

So, if you want to have a lean, toned and shapely body as a woman, why on earth would you take away the number one thing – lifting heavyweight meaning weight lifting exercises? If you want a small body and want to look sharp, you need to have strength training in your gym workout plan. If you don't, you will always be on a diet or low carbs meal, plant-based diet, keto diet or any other diet plan. You'll be permanently fighting with calories. You'll continuously be exercising for hours because the actual active physical activity without strong muscles and bones means you have to work out for a longer period.

Maintaining your muscles' strength means you retain the power of your fast metabolism, which means when you go out to do anaerobic exercise, get huffy-puffy, you burn calories, you burn fat faster.

So, if you are a woman and don't want to be disadvantaged by the fact that you don't have testicles, do some strength training.