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The Power In Your Focus-Losing weight or be Fit and Strong

"Once you decide to build your physique in your mind, it is at that moment, you truly build it. The act merely follows."

Prabal Arora

I don't know why I'm so fat and overweight! I don't know why can't I lose any weight and get back into my great shape! I'm fatigued and fed up with this body! I used to have a great physique “ toned and muscular. I used to be fit and strong like an athlete. I used to be a sportsperson. I used to be really active and productive, and now I'm just not. We have lots of excuses, lots of reasons to give to ourselves. Don't we?

We all know why we can't lose weight, why we don't have any energy, and why we don't play sport anymore, because we choose not to. Because if you wanted to choose to lose weight, you would if you wanted to choose to have energy, you would if you wanted to choose to play a sport, you would if you focused on building an incredible physique through overloading muscles, lungs and heart with weights and cardiovascular exercises.

"Be the change that you want to be in your body"

Prabal Arora

Some people say, "I'm too busy. I have to work. I have to attend to my clients, families, guests etc. I have to watch TV, movies and attend so many functions/conferences, office meetings. I have to travel a lot."

You know what? Healthy people are busy too, and they have to work. They have a successful life, and they do lots and lots of things. Maybe they do lots and lots of things because they fit and healthy. Perhaps they are more active, efficient and productive because they live in a healthy and fit body. Maybe they are more energetic, happy and enthusiastic because they follow a good diet with exercise.

It's challenging for me to listen day in, day out to people who say, "I don't know why I'm so fat." Nobody has ever entered your house while you're sleeping during the night, opened your mouth and forced feed you and you didn't know about it. Everything you'd ever put into your mouth was your choice. Every bit of exercise that you've ever done or have not done has been your choice. And regardless of your genetics, people say, "Oh, I have to eat all of my food because my Italian mother gets cranky if I don't."

Nobody can do it for you; you have to do it yourself.

Prabal Arora

The bottom line is that you can be fit, healthy and strong if you choose to be. It's really easy. Every single person on the planet who wants to look after their teeth will find two minutes every day to brush their teeth ” one minute in the morning, one minute at night. You could invest exactly the same time, and people say to me, "but I don't have time". You always find time to brush your teeth! What if you exercised and brushed your teeth? It's precisely the same time. It was all but one minute a day or one minute in the morning, one minute in the evening for two minutes a day. Can't it be enough?

If you're not doing anything at the moment and being overweight, unfit and unhealthy, then give it a go. The most important thing about exercise is not how much you do; it's how regularly you do it and how good you feel when you exercise regularly. I promise you that if you wake up every morning and huff and puff for a minute before you go to bed at night, you huff and puff for a minute, you will feel better.

Getting FIT is not about weight loss; it's how you feel again.

Prabal Arora

When you feel better, you don't even have to do more. But if you did, you would want to do more because you feel better. Please don't make excuses about being overweight. Please stop coming up with all the reasons that the whole world is using for being overweight, unhealthy, out of shape and no energy. The bottom line is that there are healthy people in the world because they choose to be and you can choose to be too to look after you.

This is your body, and it's the only one you've got to live in for the rest of your life.

Work on your mind, the body will simply follow. The body might give up; not the mind if you desired so.

Prabal Arora