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FAT At Santa Time

What if you Enjoy food on Christmas and don’t put on Weight?

FAT At Santa Time

You better be happy, be bright, be sunny, be funny because Santa Claus is coming to the town and you better not be fat, because you know what? As the days become closer to Santa coming every year, don’t people get fatter by the day? Parties, Christmas events, barbecues, picnics - all are super-duper opportunities to fill up one's fat cells.

And then won’t most people then spend, invest waste January emptying those fat cells again and we get into that yo-yo weight process - the process of gaining weight and losing weight?


Have you experienced Yo-Yo style - “weight loss – weight gain?”

But unfortunately, don’t we go fat and not relatively as thin as we were? Then more overweight and not somewhat as thinner and then fatter and then a little bit fat and then really fat and then not so fat. And isn’t it a horrible ongoing process? Researches show that people who never dieted have been thinner than those who have been on diets all their lives. The percentage of women was found higher in comparison to men. Women who spent their entire lives trying to be thin and kept on gaining weight soon were more than the ones who didn't care. So let's get off that silly cycle, shall we?

Do you want to get rid of Yo-Yo?

What if we set a plan and then action that plan never to get fat or never to be fat again?

Wherever you are at the moment, you pick a weight, which is healthy, gives you a lavish lifestyle, you look great in your clothes, you love how you look in the mirror, you're delighted with and stick with it. 

And then what do you have to do to make that happen? Again, not that complicated. Eat logically rather than emotionally. What if you ate all the things that you love but in moderation. When I say moderation, the whole packet is not moderation. Logically we already know that. We sit down with you and have you have a few chips at Christmas. You have a few chocolate biscuits with a cup of tea. That's not the challenge.

Isn’t the challenge when you eat the whole packet of everything? So let's say logically, how about eating for performance! Eat the food and the amount of food that will make you feel fantastic, give you lots of energy, help you act, breathe, think, behave as a sensationally healthy, fit, strong human being. And isn’t that significantly different food habits than eating takeaway food, junk food, rubbish food in large amounts because we all know that you don't feel good when you eat that in great quantity?

What if you loved Exercising?

And then what if exercise became a regular part of your life, just like sleeping, eating, brushing your teeth, showering, getting dressed! Don’t we do those things every day, most of those without even thinking about them and yet exercise. It's like you make a plan to exercise maybe three times a week. It could be for an hour or less. You decide to go to the gym or workout at home. If your exercise program just became the same as brushing your teeth or sleeping or eating, then wouldn’t we do more of it, and would we have to think about it? Would it become a chore or become part and parcel of whatever we do daily? 

Wouldn’t you then get all the massive benefits that you get from being fit, physical, emotional, psychological, physiological, of having a great body, a sound mind, you know, all the things that happen when you feel good about yourself?

What if time and others were not an obstacle to achieve your health and fitness goal?

What about logically planning and then actioning to do the logical thing for your body to look after you? Do we have to blame Santa, Christmas holidays, Easter eggs? Do we have to blame the traffic or your family for keeping you away from your exercise program? Did your families ever stop you from brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning or combing your hair? 

And again, just on a side note, don’t you find it fascinating when people, “I've got no time to exercise, but they spend ten minutes doing their hair every morning or putting their makeup on. Don’t they time to do numerous other things such as searching their Facebook for one or two hours every day to find out about people they don't even know well or don't even care about them very much? Don’t you think it’s high time we need to get our priorities straight? Shouldn’t we look after our body to live a long and healthy life? Aren’t you the most important person in the world?