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Fads of Fitness

"A coach can instigate your thinking; action is yours to make a change."


Do you wonder which Health and Fitness Guru to follow? 

Isn't the fitness industry flooded with exercise programs, blogs, web-sites of health and fitness, diet plans such as Keto diet, vegan diet and losing weight than it has ever been? Don't you see new books coming up in the market or online shopping portals such as Amazon, Trademe, Indiamart etc? Aren't people talking more about health, fitness and weight loss programmes than it has ever been in the history of all times? 'How do I lose weight', 'How do I exercise' and 'Where do I exercise' – aren’t people looking for the answers to these questions? 

Aren't there so many experts in every area ready to convince you of the latest fitness toys? Won't they suggest that it will be the secret to strength and fitness and the results you want? So, who do you ask? Who do you believe? Who do you listen to? What if you heard NOBODY!

"The grass is greener on the other side – if and only if I were a good gardener."


What if you knew what you are doing? 

Won't it be great if you could learn to think by yourself, ask lots of questions and never follow blindly? And if you have someone aiming to sell you a new toy or trinket, should you npot be very careful? So, don't you find those so-called experts or Gurus selling packages of core exercises at home, HIIT exercises at home, ab workout, core workout at home, kids exercises, figure 8 fitness, anaerobic exercise, gym workout plan, kettlebell exercises, tricep exercises, butt exercises, arm workout, lower ab workout at home or home workout?

Why not understand why this exercise is the safest, most effective exercise possible? Why would it keep you active, healthy and robust for the rest of your life? You may ask, "How do I lose weight"? How will it help you lose weight? And why would you know that because you ask questions and the person giving you the answers must have or should have studied anatomy and physiology and understands how the human body works when we exercise. 

We always have lots to learn and understand about how the human body works. Isn't it a great idea that we never repeat the verbatim what some experts said or do what somebody told you to do because it is the common fashionable thing to say in fitness?

"Don't you think you should know what you don't know?"


Is it possible to be an Informed and Educated Customer of Fitness?

Firstly, anatomy is a science that has not changed. Have we grown any different muscles or bones or additional connections? Haven't they remained the same, at least in the last thirty years? Secondly, don't you find that common sense is not very common? Sadly, isn't it that most folks don't think for themselves?

Is there any bill, ball, vibration, cream or secret you exercise that will replace safe, functional and effective exercise choices straight from where they came in? When everybody wants to sell you their latest training toy or method for strength training or weight training, isn't it important as a consumer of fitness or as a fitness professional to develop and maintain some knowledge and understanding of applied functional anatomy and physiology? If you don't, you will be susceptible, like most, to being laid down the garden path based on other people's unfounded training, opinions, ideas, methods and motives.

What if you understood how your body works rather than relying on other's opinion?

If you want to remain healthy, lose weight, keep exercising and be active for the rest of your life, do you think you should rely on someone else's opinion? Isn't it worth investing time to learn the fundamentals of what your body is made of and how it works? One of the most remarkable analogies, my world-class coaches, share with me is Formula One racing car drivers.

The very best drivers in the sport's history were the ones who understood their car better than the best mechanics because they had to race it around a track at a ridiculous speed. They needed to know how the car works. Suppose you would like to get into your body and run it around your life for a lifetime at peak performance. In that case, wouldn't it be advisable to understand how your body works, not just listen to a mechanic tell you what to do, because perhaps that mechanic doesn't understand your high-performance machine?

"Base your decisions on science and advanced research. Still, be open to finding out more."


Why would you ASK these Questions?

So before you decide on the effectiveness of any new or old exercise, that exercise Guru suggests you, ask the following questions: 

Is this exercise safe? 

  • Is the exercise functional? 
  • What is the benefit of this exercise?
  • Is this the best exercise, or could there be a better exercise? And for the sake of second best, why on earth would you do that to your body when you have the option of having the best exercise?
  • Is this something you can stick to for a lifetime without overuse, injury, pain or degeneration?"

Aren't these the five most important questions to ask a fitness professional or your Personal Trainer? But more importantly, wouldn't it be great to ask yourself from a common-sense perspective and do the research and study yourself? An active lifestyle, fitness and health are all about staying that way for a lifetime. 

"Good preparation leads to good performance."  


Do you understand how you will suffer from joint pain if you continue those exercises?

Isn't it interesting to understand that a young gym instructor who wrote you an exercise plan would not know what damage that exercise will do until he is also 50 years old or older if he had been doing the same exercise? Too many 50 plus folks could still be active but the unsafe exercise, which was prescribed when they were 20 years old would have caused shoulder, back, neck or knee pain or all of them! When you understand functional anatomy, you will also understand that safe, functional, effective exercise selections have not changed with the fashions and fads of the fitness.

"Ignorance is not bliss; it costs you whether you come to your senses or not!"


Why Isolation Exercises are ineffective and cause joint or muscular pain?

Has the human body evolved to benefit from flinging your limbs around with the weight at the end of a long lever? Isn't it very stressful on your shoulder joint? In other words, if you have a weight in your hand and you're throwing your arms around, whether it's slow or fast, isn't it a dangerous position for your shoulder joint? We will never need to load our feet with a heavyweight and extend our knee, placing excessive shearing forces across the knee. Isn't it a dangerous exercise too, and it will hurt your knee? The isolation exercises are leg curls, leg extensions, tricep exercise, bicep curls, arm workout, shoulder extension, shoulder lifts, ab workout etc.  

Don't you hear some gym instructors say this – "If you have sore knees, don't do this exercise, e.g. leg extension." How about if you did this exercise, you would get sore knees?" The human body works as a linked chain and never as an isolated muscle or joint area. So every exercise that you do has some effect on every other part of your body. Can you break it up into little points or areas or isolated sections?

If you are curious and like to know  more about how should you exercise to be safe for life and not hurt your body, click on the following link of my blog: "Discover How to Exercise Safely for Life Which Many Personal Trainers Don't Dare Tell YOU"

Can I lose weight and fit in my clothes by doing ab workout?

People ask me, "How do I lose weight and remove fat from the waist? How do I exercise?" Can you burn fat by doing core exercises, ab workout, crunches, lower ab workout and upper ab workout? Does fat burn from one area of the body – is it physiologically possible? Don't you lose weight from the whole body, not from one area? Similarly, don't you burn fat from the entire body, not in one particular area? 

Do you get swayed away by Marketing Gimmicks? 

If somebody asks you to apply this cream to take fat off or use this vibrating machine to shake off fat and get rid of it or do this exercise and fat will come off this area, do they understand the physiology of human body? 

Please do not be let down that garden path. The human body is designed to handle compression and traction forces through the joints. Yes, the human body is designed to get and stay young by lifting heavy things safely and keeping the heart and lungs fit. So yes, we are meant to stay strong and fit and healthy for a lifetime. 

How does your body function? 

So far, we have seen that the human body is not designed to handle long term shearing forces across any joints loaded or unloaded. So if the pressure is going through the joint, it's a safe exercise. If the pressure is going across the joint, it may not hurt now. But if you continue to do it for a lifetime, you will end up with joint pain, or you'll be unable to do that exercise effectively or any exercise effectively. If you do not want joint pain, acute or chronic in any joints, isn't it best to choose not to do exercises that put shearing forces across your joints?

And if you do not know the difference between a compression versus shearing force, please find out for yourself. It's better not to ask an expert or just Google it. Please don't do that. Please do the research and the study - the understanding of anatomy and physiology - so that you know yourself. And if you are a person who prescribes exercise and you do not have an in-depth knowledge of, say, functional/compound/compression force exercise versus isolated shearing force choices, isn't it worth going back to the books? 

"An idea is nothing but a thought. Unless action turns that idea into a reality, the idea is useless."