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Food and Fitness What Can We Stop Arguing About

Have you ever wondered why most people seem to be unhappy, unfit, unhealthy, don't fit into their clothes? Even though there are a million diets and hundreds of exercise programs in gyms everywhere and lots of personal trainers,  we still seem to be getting fatter.

Are we Lean, Fit and Healthy?

And why is it that there are some people in the world who, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing, they seem to be lean and healthy and strong? And they've been that way for most of their lives, all of their lives.  It looks like they're going to stay that way for the rest of their lives.

Does my Weight keep going Up and Down?

Why is it that some people pick a weight, a size and energy level and they seem to be able to stick with that easily? At the same time, others seem to rollercoaster up and down between fat and thin, fatter and fatter, and fatter and thinner! They seem to be really unhappy! Aren't they either on a diet all the time, some of the time or most of the time? They wish they could eat when they can't, and when they do it, don't they feel guilty—lots of questions?

What if we ate what we wanted to eat!

So how do we make our food decision? It's simple! What if we didn't argue! What if as fitness professionals, nutritionists, doctors, medical professionals, people with an opinion didn't argue with each other! And we just came up with some ideas that would actually work which nobody would argue about?

What if we could make food simple? What if we didn't eat the foods that we didn't like! What if we ate the foods that we did like! We just ate smaller amounts of them, or we just chose the foods that gave us peak performance! Doesn't peak performance make us look and feel good, give us heaps of energy.

What if we decide what to eat?

Wouldn't it be great if we decide what we really like to eat, how it makes us feel, and we stay that way for the rest of our lives? Would it be something that we could, as fitness professionals, personal trainers, medical professionals, nutritionist, get together and decide what will we not argue about versus let's argue about whether we should drink water out of a bottle or out of a filtrated tap?

Should we eat vegetables above the ground or below the ground? Should we eat meat or not? Should we eat carbohydrate or no carbohydrate? Should we eat animal fat or not? Don't we argue about lots of stuff? Have you ever thought that instead of arguing about all that there could be things that we could share with our kids? Simple messages that if they took them on board, they could be healthy, fit and strong for the rest of their lives.

Do you wonder that we could live in a disease-free world?

Did we ever argue about living in a world that didn't have coronary heart disease, type- two diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol, osteoporosis, depression and so many other diseases that are killing us? What are the simple messages?

Isn't the message here to debate over making things better, prevent or get rid of diseases mentioned above rather than arguing about other stuff which we talked here. 

Could there be a logical and fun way to enjoy exercise and food for life?

You might have a firm opinion on what it should be. But what if rather than having a strong argument, we got together as a group of professionals to discuss and decide what type of exercises should become part of our exercise programme that you would like to do forever! What kind of food you should eat that you could enjoy for the rest of your lives!

Isn't it a really cool message to share with the world? Doesn't it sound simple? Isn't it easy to understand?  Is it not complicated, and you think that you can do. You can implement that in your life.

Imagine a life where you choose to exercise the way you want. Choose that fitness programme where exercises are safe for your joints, muscles in the long term, you enjoy doing those and achieve results faster than ever! Imagine a life where you could eat whatever you wish to eat and remain healthy, fit and strong for life!

Some thoughts to ponder! What if we stopped arguing and we started sharing an excellent simple message with everybody in the world that everybody could do?